User measurements detail

To access a user's list of measurements you must send an authenticated request with a valid user token that has the measurements scope granted.

This entity's meta.collection value will have an URL pointing back to the user's measurements collection.

Each of the user's measurements entries is represented as an entity on the API. Its body attributes will have this shape.


    "ribcage": <float>, 
    "nip_2_neck": <float>, 
    "breast_perimeter": <float>, 
    "is_current": <bool>, 
    "weight": <float>, 
    "notes": <string>, 
    "last_modified_at": <string>, 
    "height": <float>

Remember that none of these measurements are mandatory so some of them can have value 0.0.

How to get here

To reach here you must have followed any of the href URLs on the user's measurements collection.

API root -> me -> measurements -> href