Create a new Bratabase app

You need to create a new application on Bratabase in order to generate credentials to consume the API. You do this from your profile in Bratabase.


  1. Go to the Developers' Zone section in your Profile page on
  2. Under the Applications section you should see a Register new application button.
  3. Fill out the form to create a new application
  4. Once your application is created it will be listed under the Applications section on the developers' zone in your profile.
  5. Click on the View details link on your new application to see your application's ID and your application's secret. These are the credentials you will use to authenticate to the API.

Creating an authorization token

If you need to access your own personal data with a script or an application that does not support the webflow authorization, you can create a token with the Authorization token link on your app entry.

Here you will indicate which access scopes you want to allow on this token. Once created you can use this token's code to access your profile's data on the API.