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Database server upgrade

Just had to do a server upgrade, our database server went up from 2GB to 4GB in ram and while at it also increased the swap partition from 512 to 2GB. Also did an security update of the packages on the server that was needed.

This really made a difference on the database performance. I still need to do a lot of tuning to our Postgres database, but on its current state it was swapping like crazy which caused lots of deadlocks and very poor performance. Lots of simple queries were taking over a second to complete.

Many other upgrades are in place. Soon I'll need to upgrade the search engine with a new version and get another server for parallel processing. Our operations server is on the smaller side and constantly struggling to keep up with the load. And we have more load to give it that is on hold still (Recommendations calculations, Faster home streams, live reputation updates, faster image processing, etc). So that is still to come.

September 30, 2014
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