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This year's April's fools

It was 11 PM March 31 when I saw a tweet warning about April's fools and I realized that I had nothing prepared for the site so I needed to think of something quick to implement. My first idea was to turn the site black and white, but that would have required a lot of CSS and images editing to get going.

Then after some conversations about cup depth, the image of a face trying to get its nose to the deepest part of the cup came to my head and the idea of smelling the bra followed shortly after. It was something simple enough to implement.

On the technical side of things, it was pretty trivial I just needed to make a few changes to the site:

  1. A main browse by smell page that listed all possible smells. The bra counts and order of smells is fixed.
  2. A smell detail page that showed each of the bras for that smell. This is just a random pick of bra models so it changes every time, nobody would notice.
  3. Add a smell field to the new bra page, I came out with the list of smells on the go.
  4. Add a new "tab" on the main browse page to the browse by smell index.

And then write a blog post that started with a serious tone pointing to a very real problem.

Last year's April's fools

For those of you that don't remember this is how the site looked:

And for those interested on seeing the briefs instead of the bra on the logo, there's an option to enable it.

April 3, 2014
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