API usage terms

If you decide to consume the API you are automatically agreeing to the following terms:

  1. You may not under ANY circumstances share your application credentials with third parties.
  2. You may not under ANY circumstances store, share, disclose the information that users have authorized you to query via the API.
  3. You must not create any functionality that collects usernames or user's information.
  4. By using the free API you are not allowed to monetize from it unless having explicit permission by me(Jj). That is, if your site has ads or make money from a site displaying or using data from the API.
  5. You may cache the API responses but you may not store the data itself(permanently) or derivative representations of it (Don't scrape the data and store on your server).
  6. You may not include data from the API in any search engine or directory without permission.
  7. You do not have any rights over the data, you cannot sell or purchase it.
  8. You must always indicate that your source of information is Bratabase.com on any screen that shows information from the API.
  9. You should always try to show the most recent data from the API (You should not scrape the API to store it locally and show that, always query the API or short lived cache).
  10. You should have an easy way for users to request permanent elimination of their data from your storage.