Access scopes

An access scope is a level of permission that grants access to certain set of information for a user. When asking for an access token during the authentication flow you should always ask for at least one of these, that is the identity scope.

You can currently ask users to authorize 4 scopes:


Key: identity

When provided, the access token granted will have access to the user's basic profile. You should always ask for this scope at the very least.

Note that when you ask for this, you do not obtain the user's email. If you want that you should ask for the email access scope.


Key: email

When provided the basic user's profile will also contain an email key containing the email this user is currently using on Bratabase. Remember that users can change their emails on at any time.


Key: bras

This scope will grant read only access to the user's links.bras collection so you can obtain the full list of bras added on the site.


Key: measurements

This scope will grant access to the user's list of measurements in centimeters.