Hello Developers!

Welcome to the developers corner of Bratabase. On this site you should find information regarding the tools that the platform provides for you to build up on.

Bratabase API

The Bratabase API is a web API that will expose most of the site's information in a computer consumable format, you should be able to code a program to navigate through these responses.

To be able to use this API you should be familiar with programming concepts as well as some very basic understanding of HTTP. The Bratabase API exists at https://api.bratabase.com/.

$ curl -i https://api.bratabase.com/

It should welcome you with the API root response:

    "self": "https://api.bratabase.com/", 
    "meta": {
        "message": "surprise"
    "links": {
        "me": "https://api.bratabase.com/me/", 
        "brands": "https://api.bratabase.com/brands/", 
        "rate_limit": "https://api.bratabase.com/rate-limit/"
    "rel": "resource", 
    "spec": "http://developers.bratabase.com/api-root/"

Begin here

To start with the API there are some steps you need to do first:

You can consume the API without a developer profile or a registered application but you will have a very small daily rate limit.

To understand what to expect from the API, it might be useful to check the document's schema so you know the shape of the JSON responses.

Now you should be ready to start doing things with the API:

Basic endpoints

Bra database Endpoints


Accessing user authorized data


Bratabase provides some bits of code that you can embed on your website or blog.


Where to get code

You can check Bratabase's Github page with code examples of how to consume the API.

If you have any problems please contact me.